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Assistant Manager/Production Manager

Job TypeFull Time
Date Posted12/20/2019

Key Responsibilities

  1. Open and close the store, run nightly sales reports, and prepare monies and reciepts for deposits.
  2. Understand of the POS system and wash tunnel equipment (including safety and procedures to rectify mechanical issues such as stuck roller etc).
  3. Capable to perform any of the staffed positions in the wash if needed. 4. Serve as the responsible party for customers, equipment and staff issues that arise when the Store manager or General manager are not on the premises.
  4. Assist in training new and existing employees on Safety, quality and standard operating procedures for their specific assigned areas.
  5. Support all functions of the Store and General Manager

Key Benefits

  1. Competitive Hourly Wages
  2. Major Medical, Dental, Vision, and Accident Policy
  3. Flexible Schedule
  4. Tips
  5. Commissions
  6. Monthly Performance Based Bonus Structure
  7. 40hrs of PTO Time per year
  8. Multiple paid holidays throughout the year
  9. Career Advancement
  10. Free carwashes for employees

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